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5 Spring Favorites You Need NOW!

June 8, 2016

NAILS - Essie Splash of Grenadine is the nail polish that I just can't wait for the first signs of spring so I can bust it out! It might look like any old purply-pink but I promise, it is like an electric pastel that makes your nails look like the prettiest tulip petal you've ever seen. Run to Ulta and buy one or three bottles (yes, I do that for fear Essie will disrespect me by retiring it without my permission) and your tips and toes can thank me later.

FACE - NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint SPF30 almost didn't make it in my Sephora basket because although NARS is one of my all-time favorite brands I was, how do you say, butt hurt when they discontinued my Sheer Matte foundation at Sephora so I didn't want to like this replacement but I caved and bought it anyway. For my oily skin there are rarely foundations that stay truely matte without the dreaded 'cake face' and this one definitely does but that's not the only reason is is my go to as we get into the warmer months, it's also packed with sunblock - SPF30 as a matter or fact! My previous go to was only SPF15.

FRAGRANCE/CANDLE - Volcano by Capri Blue was Anthropologie's ploy to get me in their store every month willingly handing over $28 until they launched the new packaging in which now I buy 4 at a time (insert shamed monkey emoji here). That's right, if you think your Bath & Body Works blah blah blah is the best thing you've ever smelled, you need to take your happy behind to your local hip boutique and pick up one of these Volcano candles. The company's website calls the scent 'tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons, limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens' but I call it HEAVEN.

HAIR/BODY - Bumble & Bumble Hair Dressers Invisible Oil is not your average hair oil and this is coming from an oily haired girl! If you're like me and your roots are oily but your ends are ombréd to the high heavens so they are wicked dry then you can appreciate the need for an oil however most just migrate up your hair strand and make the greasy root situation worse - not this one my friend. NOPE. You can put two pumps in wet mid-length to ends which will ensure a smoother blowout or you can put a pump onto dried hair for added shine and softness. It has never made my hair greasy and the best part is I use it after every shampoo and I'm only halfway down my first bottle purchased nearly 3 years ago. Cray. 

CLOTHING - Jack Purcell Converse Sneakers are my new go to when I'm wanting a comfortable cute sneaker for kicking around. I'm sure I must have owned a pair of Converse when I was a kid but I haven't been on that bandwagon as an adult, mainly because the classic Chuck looks hideous on my size 10s.  Last year I got a pair of Shorlines #pinterestmademedoit and I have to say, I wore the shit out of them... with skirts, dresses, capris, jeans, it didn't matter what I paired them with, they made every outfit cuter! Then on a resent stroll through Nordstrom's shoe department I came across the powder blue Jack Purcell's. At first I thought, 'how much use will I really get outta these?' but decided to take a chance and buy them anyway. Just like the Shorelines, I wear them with just about anything and they are even more comfortable to boot! 

Until next time, your trusty product pusher is signing off... happy shopping girls.  



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