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BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Bumble & Bumble

October 26, 2014

Where do I begin with my love affair with this brand? I've been using it for nearly 8 years now and you'll find very few products I haven't tried. Now no relationship is perfect so lets get the bad out of the way so it doesn't interrupt my gushing layer on... For many years I used various shampoos and conditioners (gentle with super rich, seaweed with deeep, mending, Thickening, etc) and none of them really made noticeable improvements in the health of my hair so I switched to Phyto shampoo & conditioners about 3 years ago and I'm happy. Now as for styling products, nobody and I mean NOBODY does it better! Here's a run down of what I love and why...

Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Lightweight enough for my oily hair yet smoothing enough to tame the frizzy or damaged ends. I don't blow dry my hair without it.

Dry Spun Finish Spray Gives my freshly washed hair enough texture without making it feel heavy like a dry shampoo allowing my locks to look just lived in enough to be sexy.

Full Form Mousse This gives the prefect lift at my roots without the typical crunchy aftermath of its competition.

Tonic Lotion This was sold to me as a way to refresh my oily bangs for a 2nd or 3rd day blow dry... Epic fail but I love spraying it in right out of the shower to nourish and help detangle.

Mending Complex This is a must for my ends! I'm no stranger to hot tools and this helps to protect further damage from my daily torture devices.

Hair Spray Can we talk awesome? I mean they have to be a $-- a pop right? Well they are. I own all 3 varieties but my favorites are Does It All for creating hold with movement plus heat protection then I finish with Spray de Mode. The only negative is that the travel sizes are 4oz (boooooo) so they can't come with me when I travel. Best hairspray award winner if there is such a thing!

Thickening Spray Used at my roots gives enough bulk and added texture to give me more volume without sticky roots. I'm careful not to take it lower on my strands because it does seem a but drying but for my purpose, its perfect!

Primer Spray I love this just as much as the Tonic and since I don't see the need to use both I will probably alternate repurchasing every other time but be sure to use this in the summer or if you live in a climate that's always intensely sunny because it offers great sun protection to ensure your colored strands stay true.

Surf Spray Now if I want a sexy, tousled, lived in look this cult favorite is a sure thing to get the job done! I like it best using it as a last step in styling my hair. I lightly spray it through the ends, scrunching it on dry, curled hair. Just buy it! You'll love it!

Styling Cream This is the only product I'm reviewing that I don't actually own however my stylist uses it almost every time she blow dries me and I do love it! This product needs work to work... Meaning you have to really create tension during the blowout and apply it tiny section by tiny section... That's too much effort for me daily but when she uses it I can tell you that my blowout can last up to 5 days which is 3 days longer than my oily hair can usually make it before passers by are trying to toss change in my coffee cup!

Grooming Creme This is one that I only use in my travel bag because if I'm in a hurry I can skip a few of my at home steps and throw this through the lengths to ends to soften enough to blow dry.

Spray Chalk It's fun for a festival or party.  I have the Lavender & blush shades. They wear well and wash out easily so you can have a fun color without the commitment or mess.

Curl Conscious Defining Creme This is perfect for my fine curly hair when I want to let it dry naturally. It's a bit heavy and if you use too much can get quite gummy but once you find your balance, you'll love it!

My BF uses and loves the Surf Shampoo & Conditioner followed by Sumo Tech to style! Definitely a winner since his hair is naturally too soft and silky (waaa waaa waaa) to hold a style.

Here's a few products that I've owned and enjoyed but not enough to repurchase:

Brilliantine: adds shine but I prefer the Invisible Oil Straight

Blow Dry: I never blow my hair out bone straight so no need for this product.

Texture: I like the result but similar to the Styling Creme it just requires too much work for me to use regularly.

Color Minded Serum: a little too heavy

Prep Spray: not necessary if I'm already using Tonic or Primer spray

Brown Hair Powder: the color is a perfect match but its messy as all get out and gets on your fingers, pillows, your guy's shirt... Not worth it. The Rita Hazan version is far superior.

DeFrizz: again one I purchased years before they expanded their range so even though it fights frizz, I prefer the Invisible Oil.

Next on my list to try is the Invisible Oil Shampoo & Conditioner when I finish the trial size I purchased. I might keep this combo for travel. Prete-a-porter just cuz it feesl fancy and French so I need it :) and maybe the travel surf shampoo & conditioner because sometimes hotel water can make my fair fall flat depending on what city I'm visiting.



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