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 one-one-one COACHING 

This program is for you if you are...

     Are getting clients that don’t align with your brand or style.

     Are feeling stuck or lost in your business (and your life).

     Are desperate to ditch the comparison and be seen for who YOU are.

     Know you are here for something much bigger but don’t know how to             get there on your own.

Invest in yourself and your business

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70% of clients book on mobile devices and cautious clients visit your website at least 3 times on average before booking so it's crucial that your website has key elements to close that sale for you. Together we will evaluate your website on desktop and mobile so you never let another client slip through your hands. 

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In 2020 almost 80% of clients book based off of social media alone. Your presence across these platforms is what sets you apart from your competition. We're not concerned with vanity numbers, instead our goal is bookability, and with my method that's exactly what you'll be, 100% fully booked. 



One of the keys to a successful business and one that serves you is solid and consistent booking. You'll never reach your goals with 2-3 hour gaps in between your schedule and I've created a formula to achieve a zero cancellation rate and no more wasted blocks of time! Are you ready?

Take it from AN Expert

I am internationally recognized for my entrepreneurship and dedication to the practice of permanent makeup. I have been 11x certified by trainers all over the world. I have trained other artists in PMU and business since 2015. At the age of 24 I opened my first Skin & Brow Studio and since I've opened and grown three other businesses, even during two of the biggest recessions our nation has ever seen.  I graduated with a BA in Communications and Business from College of Charleston, SC and went on to complete the two-year Paramedical Esthetics program from Florida College of Natural Health, earning my second degree in my field. I was asked to teach the art of brows at four Esthetics colleges while owning my first spa and most recently I was invited to South Africa to judge an international PMU competition and excitedly invited back next year.


I am a wife to Simon and a mom to 3 Pomeranians Maverick, Sofia, and Brix. I am an only child and an Aries, so determination and drive run in my veins. I run a multiple six-figure studio in Austin, Texas, and in addition to training new artists and coaching clients like you, I am booked out 7 months in advance for my Signature Brow service and have been featured on KXAN six times. I have also been a guest speaker on three industry podcasts and had my work featured in over a dozen magazines over my 25-year career.

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lets create a life you love by making your business serve you!

Let's Work Together

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One-on-One Coaching is the perfect way to dive deep into your business, dial in on your strengths to highlight and scale your business so you can reach the next level.  We will dig deep into your goals through your strengths and weaknesses. Understanding what’s holding you back and how to conquer it is how you create a life you love and a business that serves you. 

This exclusive one-on-one coaching includes 3 months of calls with me including an initial planning call, followed by calls that are customized to your unique needs covering topics on pricing, branding, creating a luxury experience for your client, how to get the right clients, growth strategies, mindset, habits, content calendars, and more! You will have weekly access to me via email. We will meet on Zoom and chat over the phone during this program. I’ve also included a social media and website review to round out this comprehensive package.


1 hour Planning Call

6- 1 hour one-on-one Calls

Full Website Review

Full Social Media Review

Weekly Access via Email


3 payments of $635


1 payment $1935

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Join me on a 1-hour Zoom call to direct and level up your social media platforms and branding. We’ll create a look that will help attract the right clients! 

I will teach you how to edit and showcase your best work so it speaks to a luxury clientele! You will also get a content calendar to make sure you have a feed that grabs attention, captions that get engagement, and tools that make posting across all platforms a breeze. 




Join Kara on a Zoom call for an in-depth review of your brand & website! Let’s get clear on WHAT your brand is, WHY it attracts the dream clients that you want, and HOW your website can serve you 24/7!

Let’s dive deep into your website to make sure you are reaching your ideal clients, creating a luxury website experience, and making sure your website is set up to close the sale all by itself!



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"I didn't take Kara's microblading course and I wish I did, so when I saw she had one-on-one coaching, I signed up right away. I've been microblading for 3 years but I was really lost and getting frustrated seeing other microbladers thrive while I was almost ready to give up! It's been 4 months since I finished my coaching with Kara and I haven't had one cancellation and even though I've raised my prices I'm fully booked IN A PANDEMIC!! 10 out of 10 recommend!


common struggles
*Your program is customized to your needs but these are a few popular topics from past clients

Pricing for Profit.

Entering the Luxury Market.

Creating a Luxury Experience.

Maintaining a ZERO Cancellation Rate.

Creating a Luxury Brand.

How to be Booked with Prepaid Appointments for Months.

Social Media Content Calendars.


Canceling the Industry Noise.

How to Scale for Growth.

How to Build an Abundance Mindset that Serves You.

How to Stand Out and Be Seen.

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"When I started my business back in 2006 I didn't know ANYONE else in business for themselves so I'm not kidding when I say I became successful from trial and error, and believe me when you own a business, 'errors' are expensive. Then two years in, just as I was gaining momentum, the recession hit, and my competitors around me were closing their doors right and left! I was 26 and terrified when spas much more established than mine were going out of business but one of my biggest strengths is adapting and that's just what I did. I adjusted my business to fit the times and we came out of the 2008 recession on top!

Fast forward to 2013 when I moved to Texas, added microblading to my service menu, and started my business all over again still not knowing anyone locally that was doing the same thing only this time I invested $10,000 learning a brand new craft, in a brand new state - did I mention I hate taking risks? Yeah, hate it BUT the very few risks I've taken in my life

have paid off in spades. Within two months of opening my microblading business here in Austin, my books were completely full for 8 weeks at a time and within 4 months I had made more working for myself, on my schedule, my rules than I ever made before! For a single woman, I can't tell you how empowering that was. Now there are more coaches and trainers in this market than I can count but I'm sure like me, you want to have a business that serves the life you want to live, without dancing in your underpants on reels to get clients... I got you!

I'm at a point in my career where I WANT to share what I've learned over the past 15 years of owning 3 successful businesses with YOU. To me, that's paying it forward for the next generation and I'm not holding anything back so if you are ready to get to work, achieve your goals and have more success than you ever thought was possible at this stage in your life, lets get started!" - Kara Sánchez Reed

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