How do I book an appointment?

You can book online or by calling us at 737.802.3199. We're open Monday-Friday. We value our client's time so if you are more than 15min late for your appointment it will need to be rescheduled. A Rescheduling Fee of $150 may apply for semi-permanent services.

Do you offer consultations?

We sure do! You can book an in-person Consultation for $50 or a Virtual Consultation with a digital rendering of what your brow will look like after your treatment are $100. Both are deducted from your balance when you come in for your appointment. PRO-TIP: To get the best close up/detailed photo, stand near a window in daylight without any makeup in your brows. IMPORTANT: You cannot receive MICROBLADING/COMBO/NANO/LAMINATION services if you are sunburned or on/within 1yr of Accutane, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, on chemotherapy without a doctor's note received prior to your appointment. Diabetics, unfortunately, cannot receive permanent makeup services.

Where is the shop?

We are located in Brodie Oaks Plaza [4021 S Capital of Texas Highway, Suite B, Austin, TX 78704] (between SAS Shoes & Edward Jones)

How do I prepare for my appointment?

FOR MICROBLADING/NANO/COMBO/LAMINATION Stop tweezing, waxing, tinting, threading at least 4-6 weeks before your appointment! Doing this will give you the best possible results. If you use retinols or take Omegas, prenatals or aspirin (unless prescribed), please stop at least 3 days prior to your appointment. If you are a caffeine aficionado, please don't indulge the day of your appointment. PRO-TIP: Our services are intended to relax! Please feel free to bring earbuds, your bunny slippers or whatever will make you feel comfortable.

Why is the appointment non-refundable?

This has been our policy since 2014. Since we book 2-3 hour appointments for MICROBLADING/NANO/COMBO, cancellations within 72 hours can be challenging to fill but if we can offer your spot to another client, we will never charge you the Rescheduling Fee. All services offered are prepaid and non-refundable. PRO-TIP: To avoid a Rescheduling Fee, please contact us via email Hello@KaraSanchez.com at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

What happens if I miss my appointment?

Since appointments are prepaid, nothing will happen. You will be charged for the missed appointment and will have to prepay again to rebook unless it is a semi-permanent appointment and you forgot to cancel 72 hours or more in advance, then you may be charged a Rescheduling Fee of $150 to rebook.

Can I go back to work after my appointment?

Absolutely! The photos you see of our semi-permanent work are taken within 3 minutes of the end of the procedure. That's how you look when you leave. Your brows will appear the darkest within the first 5 days but most people will just think you've used a darker brow pencil. They will be a little shiny though from the ointment but that is the only visible part that people may notice. PRO-TIP: To get the best results, plan to avoid sweating, sun and swimming for 10 days after. **Take a look below to see what your brows will look like during the healing process!!

How do I shape my brows after my procedure?

We will shape them for you at your first appointment and clean them up for you again at your touch-up. Usually, clients are able to maintain their shapings by following the microbladed/pmu guideline but if you are worried you'll mess them up you can make shaping appointments with us once to keep them looking their best.

What happens after my appointment?

FOR MICROBLADING/COMBO/NANO, you'll likely wake up the next day in a panic since they have darkened or in some cases appear orange. Don't worry, this happens to everyone except usually light blondes. Trust the process and follow your card. Strict healing instructions are given for days 1-10. You shouldn't scab if you're following our protocol but some mild flaking may occur. Remember complete healing occurs over the first 45 days so you should avoid: SUN | SWIMMING | SWEATING
Peels, Injectables and Retin-A (avoid Retin-A & peels in the treated area for the life of your procedure to prevent excessive fading or change in color) PRO-TIP: Plan ahead to make sure that you can adhere to the above for your 1st appointment + your touch-up. FOR BROW LAMINATIONS you must avoid getting water on the area for 48hrs. Since the treatment realigns the hair pattern, sleeping on your side or tummy can damage the results which will remain for up to 10 weeks. For best results, comb the hairs daily in the desired direction. LAMINATION clients should avoid retinols, aha/bha and all exfoliants near the area for at least 72hrs.

How long will my appointment take?

Depending on your artist and service, 2-3 hours for your first semi-permanent makeup appointment and 1.5-2hrs for your followup visit. COMBO/NANO brows can take longer on the initial appointment. BROW SHAPING 30min-1hr and LAMINATION services are generally about 1hr.

What about aftercare?

Kara has very special and specific instructions for your aftercare and she provides you with EVERYTHING you need to get the best results possible.

Why is there a price difference here vs. other artists?

Simple, experience. Kara has been in the brow industry for 20 years, continuously learning & teaching, has a hefty celebrity roster and has been published in several national and local magazines. In early 2020 Kara completed her 2000th brow and includes Microblading, Combo & Nano in her price. If you're shopping around you'll notice that the touch-up is rarely included and the yearly refresher appointment is generally the same price as the 1st microblading. We want to be the only person who works on your brows so we include everything in one price AND gives you a discount on your yearly touch-ups! We also take your safety very seriously and use only disposable implements, opened in front of you, the highest quality ink and numbing to keep you comfortable and ensure the best-HEALED results. We are fully licensed and insured. Most microbladers don't even carry insurance which is terrifying so we encourage you to ask. PRO-TIP: To pick the Artist that is perfect for you, take a look at all of our galleries to see who's brow speaks to you.

Can I pay in cash the day of?

You can! Since a 50% deposit is required to book just pop into the shop and we will help schedule & pay. As always you are welcome to pay your remaining balance in cash.

Do you offer discounts?

Once a year, on Cyber Monday we have a flash sale for 24 hours. There are 24 appointments available at the discounted price and in 2020 it sold out in 4 minutes! Set your calendar reminders for 10am on Cyber Monday!!! We also have a referral program so you will get a $25 Gift Card if you refer a friend for microblading!

How do I get in contact?

The most efficient way for us to connect is to email Hello@KaraSanchez.com or call/text us at the studio 737.802.3199. Emails & calls are replied to Monday - Friday during shop hours. Appointment requests are not taken through social media.

What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

We require a 72 hour notice for rescheduling appointments. If a cancellation or reschedule is made within the 72 hours before your appointment we will try to fill your spot from our waitlist. For Microblades if we are unable to fill your appointment, there will be a $150 rescheduling fee. For all other appointments if we are unable to fill your appointment you must prepay again to rebook.