L U X E  B R O W  L I F T


Your new brow must-have

You already know that giving lift to your brows makes you look more youthful, it makes your brows look fuller, and lifting those hairs that lay flat down, accentuates your arch the way you've always dreamed of but what you didn't know is that you don't have to commit to a 10-week brow lamination to achieve that fluffy, lifted look - now you can use my brand new LUXE BROW LIFT


Universally flattering clear pomade that is undetectable on every shade of brow hair

Gives lift, fluff, and sculpting to all brows

Lasts all day but washes off easily

No flaking and never crunchy

Tames all brow hair types

Vegan and cruelty-free

Super simple to use


This universal pomade is foolproof. It's less shiny than others that are on the market making it ideal for women of all ages to achieve that coveted fluffy brow without that super slick glossy look AND that's what makes it incredible for guys too! 


LUXE BROW LIFT is completely clear, featherweight, easy to use and it will last all day without the crunch or flaking of brow gel.


Apply a little with a spooly for a subtle lift or a little more, pressing with your finger for extreme sculpting.


"Ever since Kara put that product in my brows, I find myself wanting it! I need it in my life"

- Brittney


First, bend one of the included disposable spooly brushes to a 90* angle.

With only a little pressure, pick up a tiny bit of product. 

Dab a bit of product on the center of each brow to disperse evenly. Thicker brows will require a bit more product on the brush use a less is more approach until you get the lift you're looking for!

Brush upward and against the skin (lighter pressure if you're wearing colored brow product).

Keep brushing upwards, towards the temples as it sets.

For a more extreme, laminated look, use the other end of the brush handle to flatten and sculpt the hair to your skin.

If you use brow powder, you can add a little sparingly to the sparse areas after LUXE BROW LIFT sets.


PRO TIP: Use on clean brows for a model off-duty feathered look or after filling in with brow pencil.

For thicker, untamed brows use a little more product for extra hold.


Not recommended for use after brow powder.

Works best on clean brows. Must keep the lid tightly on while not in use to avoid hardening.


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