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Basic Makeup Tools

August 29, 2014

What I notice most when I work with clients in revamping their makeup bags is the lack of proper tools for their makeup application.  Either I see the same ‘free’ crappy brush over and over again or two brushes that they are using to do everything! Ahhhhh…  If you are going to wear good makeup you should have these basic tools so that you get the best application possible.  Buying good brushes isn’t only for makeup artists; they can help every woman achieve an amazing result easily and effectively.

Here's a list of basic makeup tools everyone should own!

Now that you have a list of them, here are a few tips to keep your tools in excellent condition for years:

Clean your natural bristle brushes once a month in warm water and baby shampoo. 

Clean your synthetic brushes more frequently in warm water and dish soap. 

Rinse well and lay flat over night to thoroughly dry. 

Never, ever, ever stand wet or damp brushes upright because the water will seep into the feral and destroy the integrity of the bonding.

If you use an anti-microbial sponge for foundation application you can use the same portion for 3-4 days before switching to a clean section. 

One sponge should last you 12-16 days in between washings and most are sold in a pack of 4 which would last you almost a year if cared for well. 

There are two ways of washing your sponges, either by hand with anti-bacterial hand soap (my preferred method) or toss them in a garment bag when you do your laundry and lay them flat to dry.

Always keep your brushes in a separate mesh bag, away from your makeup. 

This allows them be aired out preventing bacteria from growing inside a closed makeup bag. 

You also want to keep them separate in order to keep the bristles from getting damaged from makeup containers.

Let me know if you would like to see a budget conscience version of this post!



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