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August 22, 2014

So you all know I am an avid Bumble & Bumble styling product junkie (11 regularly used products in rotation) and I also am pretty attached to my Phyto shampoo & conditioner routine but I recently listened to a really knowledgeable hair guru and when she found out how many products it takes me to achieve my daily look, she was in shock.  Then I told her I travel with the exact same regimen (insert glass breaking screech here).  She said that she only uses Living Proof and she could replace all 13 products with 4... I accepted the challenge and started using her suggested products 30 days ago.  Unlike most beauty bloggers, I won't review a product until I've given it a chance, so I wanted to give you an honest run down of my experience.

Here's what I scooped up from the line:

Perfect Hair Day Shampoo, Conditioner and 5-in-1 Styling Product

Full Shampoo & Conditioner

Prime Style Extender and the lightweight version Style Extender Spray

Instant Texture

Flex Shaping Hairspray

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Products

Now when I made the purchase I had my natural dark brown hair with the subtle ombre tips and about two weeks ago I made the horrible mistake of wanting to try something different with my locks and I decided to go for a rich caramel/chocolate look however it turned out very blonde and almost white in strands near my face.  When my hair was still soft before the bleach disaster I loved the Full Shampoo/Conditioner with the Instant Texture spray which gave me volumized, beachy looking strands.  Unfortunately now my entire head is so brittle (insert gentle sobbing here) that I can no longer use that combo because then it just feels like hay so I've been using the PHD combination which is much heavier and more hydrating then I'm used to but I do need it now so it works really well.  I have noticed a lot less frizz and remember I live in Houston so the humidity here from March to October is what I like to call intense.  It doesn't seem to help all the breakage I'm having at my root but nothing short of a miracle could help that.

I know a lot of girls base their hair care purchases on the scent of the product but I really don't.  If a product is stellar it doesn't matter to me what the fragrance is unless it is awful of course.  The scent of the Living Proof products is very subtle... it doesn't interfere with my perfume and definitely doesn't smell bad... its just clean and soft.

So which Style Extender do I prefer?  I actually still like the Spray version because even with the brittle texture I'm now living with, the cream version is still a bit heavy since I'm using the 5-in-1.

My favorite product out of the lot is the Flex Hairspray!!!  I mean, yes, yes, yes... where have you been all my life?  It is exactly what it says and you can even apply it to damp hair!  Say 'what?'  It keeps my waves in place, never makes my hair crunchy and it is TSA approved at 3oz which for me is a huge plus.  At home I use the Bumble & Bumble Does It All which is very similar but the travel version of that is 4oz which is not allowed in my carryon.  I might even decide to pick up the regular size can when my B&B is out!

VERDICT: If you are looking for quality hair care with the best technology on the market and an overall simple step routine, this is definitely for you.  I can't promise Jennifer Aniston's results but let's be honest with ourselves, we will continue to strive for that perfection.



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