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Colour POP Cosmetics

July 15, 2016

I was late to the Colour POP train but when I saw a promotion recently I picked up a few items for lips and eyes and now I've had a chance to test them all for a few weeks.

Worth the hype?

The most notable mention about Colour POP is the price... everything I purchased was under $6! Now price doesn't always reflect quality and through testing I was surprised at how pigmented and unbelievably creamy in texture too. Both of the shades I bought were metallic and seem to apply best with fingers over an eye primer.  The lip liners too are so soft and gentle on the lips while packing a ton of color however their staying power leaves little to be desired however if you have drier lips, you'll love these! I found them really useful in a pinch to use all over the lip as a lip color, not just as a liner. The eyeliners are incredibly soft, smudgable and wear well however on the second use, my bronze one broke and the entire lead fell out. I'm still using it but it's a little sloppy now since it's loose. The only product I was disappointed with was the brow pencil. At first the packaging is almost identical to the L'oreal one I have for $8 and the lead is exactly the same size as my beloved Brow Wiz by Anastasia but that's where the similarities (and compliments end). The color itself is rich but the formula is so creamy that it glides on like a gel eyeliner and looks a lot like poorly applied Dip Brow. As far as wearability, maybe if you have drier skin and live in a cooler climate you could make it work but I have oily skin and in the 100 degree Austin temps, the pencil wiped off tragically with the bead of sweat. 

Here's what I purchased:

BOTTOM LINE: The crisp clean white of the packaging makes for amazing photos and is a great value for $6. I would definitely purchase more eye shadows from the line but because the lip liners have poor staying power and the eye liners break so easily, I don't think I will be game for tying anything more than their powder formulas.

Let me know your thoughts or favorite Colour Pop shades!



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