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Honeymoon Beauty Preparation

May 26, 2016

Congratulations to my brides out there!  This quick post has a few suggestions for you as you prepare for your honeymoon.  

I'm sure you've thought of nearly everything but from a beauty guru's perspective, here are a few things that shouldn't be forgotten as you jet off to celebrate your nuptials.

I'm not a huge proponent of lash extensions as my only encounter with them proved to be a disastrous waste of time and money with the brand Xtreme Lash (who credits themselves as being the industry leader), so I recommend a lash lift instead! It's an all natural procedure without any harsh chemicals that enhances your own natural beauty, and get this - it lasts for 6-8 weeks!! We also have two artists in our shop who do a wonderful job with this procedure! Book here with Cindy or Priscila!

Investing in a great spray tan like St Tropez, the day before heading out will definitely make you look better in your bathing suit (and birthday suit) but as you know, they tend to fade away by your 4th-5th day...

I recommend taking a few of my favorite travel friendly tanning towelettes by Kate Somerville to ensure you look your bronzed best during the entire honeymoon.

If your hair is in the least bit reactive to humidity (I hear your screech) I suggest doing a Brazilian Blowout a week before you head out.  I see Erin Armstrong here in Austin for this service a few times a year. This will seriously cut down on your getting ready time and ensuring that when you're channeling Halle Barry in 007 as you're slinking out of the ocean your locks do not have to be a matted mess.

Another practice I'm recommending in this blog proved not to be effective to me however I've heard several people won't use anything but gel or Shellac on their finger tips.  My experience is that it made my already dry nails even more dry and in some cases break far more easily HOWEVER with that disclaimer out of the way, on to what you really want to know...  I would recommend doing a gel or Shellac manicure a day before your wedding and honeymoon so that even if you spend your days on the beach, it won't dull your tips.

As a recently engaged lady I will be ticking all of these things off my To Do List before my honeymoon so I hope this helps you feel your prettiest too where ever you and your love spend your honeymoon!



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