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How To: Spend a Rainy Day In

August 16, 2016

Start with good music and light a beautiful candle... then it's PROJECT TIME

Pick a project you've been avoiding, mine was organizing my closet which quickly turned into trying on several garments to see what needed tailored and what new combos I could create to maximize my wardrobe. I recently moved to Austin, from Miami and with the major social change came a whole new career which required a fresh new wardrobe. I've been buying more colorful pieces here and there and phasing out my old "all black cosmatina" wardrobe. Since I needed a dress customized for a wedding I'm attending, it inspired me to try on everything I haven't worn since moving here. I ended up with 8 quality pieces to get tailored, plus the dress that started it all.


I had a list of errands to run and when the rain finally stopped, I considered getting started checking things off as I normally spend my free day doing. Instead after completely revamping my closet I headed downstairs to download a book on my iPad for the first time! I thought my upcoming flight could use a good read so why not get a head start? Then I went through the... wait for it... junk drawer! Nobody is excited by that project but I'll tell you, I actually love telling visitors or my fiance, 'oh you can find (insert whatever it is they are looking for) in the junk drawer because they always comment now on how organized it is! #winning


After listening to a few chapters and working in the kitchen, I decided to get outside with my dog Maverick for a bit which turned into organizing my car, trunk and cleaning all the surfaces. I packed a in case of emergency kit to keep in the car which consisted of Shout wipes, feminine products, breath mints, hair ties, aspirin, bandaids and a $20 bill - ya never know). Hot and beyond ready for the A/C we went back upstairs for a lemonade, lunch and a little blogging. I'd been meaning to publish a recent post since starting it nearly two weeks ago!

I couldn't possibly be in the house all day without doing a little cleaning but I did keep it to a minimum (let's be honest, I do love to vacuum!)

Around dinner I ordered some tasty takeout and flipped through the stack of magazines I haven't made time for but I upcylced them all by dropping the stack off to my neighbor to enjoy next. I swore I wouldn't watch TV today but I admit, Bridget Jones Diary was on in the background while I was working on the main floor.

The rain today actually was a gift because instead of spending another day running around town doing errands, I tackled several projects that I had been putting off, plus I fell in love with a new book, stayed active even though the weather was awful and bagged up several clothing items for the resale shop and donation station.



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Belinda Cruz
Belinda Cruz
Sep 09, 2021

Great blog you have heree

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