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Kara Cooks Vol.1

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

If you follow along with me on Instagram you've seen that I have been meal prepping every single week since January 14th which is when simultaneously my husband started working 4 hours away Monday - Friday in Dallas AND I decided I was going to start intermittent fasting for weight loss at 42 years old.

For weeks I've been posting my weekly Sunday meal prep sessions and over a few months, I started to gather the recipes that I've made again and again because we both love them. From there, my IG followers and clients were requesting my recipes regularly so for YOU I have created this post with my favorite, crowd-pleasing, meal prep-friendly recipes.

Back in November I started the Blue Plan of Weight Watchers or WW and although I saw some results, 6 pounds in 3 weeks, it was a little slow to keep me excited so in January as I mentioned I started 17/7 or 16/8 intermittent fasting. I was already interested in this concept but two things happened in one week that told me that THIS was going to work for me! A longtime client with a much smaller frame than me came in for her brow appointment and I was blown away at how great she looked - she had lost 30 pounds via intermittent fasting and she was just now getting into working out. She was talking about how easy it was, how effective it was for her and even shared the app she used to track her fasting. That same week my doctor suggested that I try intermittent fasting so I went home, watched a few YouTube videos, and decided to do it! I'll share more on that another time but I did want to say that you can make any of these recipes lower in calories or 'healthier' by changing out a few ingredients but I have now lost 35 pounds eating rice, pasta, potatoes any time I want!!! SO it is possible when you are fasting and only eating two full meals per day.

I hope you and your family love these meals and let me know if you have any questions! You can reach out to me on Instagram anytime.

xoxo - Kara

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