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Luxe Brow Lift

Updated: Oct 12, 2021


Besides being my first product I've ever created, I'd say its a universal dream quality brow product that in the months of testing on me, my team and my clients, I'm actually blown away at it's versatility! LUXE BROW LIFT is a completely clear pomade with incredible hold once it dries (1-3 minutes). It doesn't flake. It lifts even the toughest hairs. It dries clear without a shine making it perfect for you on no-makeup days, full glam or for guys that want to be in control of their overachieving brow hairs. Despite looking like another product on the market, it's not! It's unlike anything in my 25 years in the brow industry have ever had the privilege to have my hands on and get the results that we get with LUXE BROW LIFT.


Let's talk about the elephant in the room shall we? When I brought the Brow Lamination service to Austin over 2 years ago, I quickly became obsessed with the look of dramatically lifted brows on each person I performed it on but I know it's $120 and I'm booked so far in advance that it's difficult sometimes to get an appointment so I thought, "How could I make it so that clients could recreate this at home, without a lamination?" And that's where it started. It took about a year to test, perfect, design and package and in that time Anastasia must have had a similar idea because she launched Brow Freeze before we ever even got to the packaging portion of LUXE BROW LIFT. Many of you know that I had admired Anastasia since the 90s and even had the opportunity to work beside her for 4 years. SHE is the brow queen so I was gutted when Brow Freeze launched and to be honest, it even halted my progress for a bit because I felt I missed the window to be 'first' but what Maddi, my Creative Director reminded me is that, just because someone else was first, doesn't mean we can't do it better! So we went back to the drawing board... testing LUXE BROW LIFT against Brow Freeze, sometimes on one eyebrow vs the other so that clients could give me blind feedback on which lasted better and what they could tell between them. The blind feedback I got was that ours didn't flake like the other, it held downward growing brows better and for longer so that was a HUGE WIN for us! I got my momentum back and decided to add more product to give you more bang for your buck, I also added 5 free spoolies to make sure you didn't have to purchase another tool in order to use it, I made the shipping FREE and made it available for wholesale so if you want to carry it in your shop you can, unlike Brow Freeze. Once we did all that, I felt we were ready to launch I must have been right because our entire inventory sold out in 4 hours at our presale launch!!!! Don't worry, we've ordered more and are quality checking each one so they are ready for the official launch on 10/1 at 10am.


It gives such a painstaking editorial effect that it's almost laughable how easy it is to apply and what's even better is there are 3 ways to use it to get 3 completely different looks depending on your vibe that day.

LUXE BROW LIFT works best when not mixed in with your foundation or other brow product which means if you are a little messy at applying your coverage (liquid or powder or both) you'll want to avoid getting that in your brow area and if you do by accident, you'll want to take a damp q-tip to clean it out before you apply. LUXE BROW LIFT works best on clean, dry brows. Next, you'll want to take less product than you think you'll need (a little really goes a long way) and disperse some on the center of each brow before you start working it through to make sure each brow gets the same amount, avoiding double-dipping when possible. LUXE BROW LIFT will dry out and even harden if the cap isn't put on tightly or left off altogether so make sure once you've taken what you need, tightly close that lid and you can always reopen if you need more later. LUXE BROW LIFT will harden and become difficult to clean out of your brush which is why I thought it was important to include 5 disposable spooly wands so you don't have to deal with the hassle or the pain of ruining one of your favorite brushes. Dawn dishsoap, warm water, and patience will get it out but I'd like to save you the time and effort if I can! When you get your disposable spoolies, just gently bend the tip to create a 90 degree angle. This shape makes it effortless to pick up the perfect amount of product and makes application a breeze. If and when you do run out of spoolies, you can purchase similar ones here. Lastly, you can still use your favorite brow product if you have some sparse (or non-existent areas) like I do but I've found it works best to wait 1-3 minutes for the product to dry fully before adding pencil or powder. You can apply LUXE BROW LIFT over pencil, powder or pen but depending on which technique you use (detailed below) it may remove some of the product. LUXE BROW LIFT sets all day through Texas summers (if you know, you know) through sweaty workouts and even a full pool day but the best part is it washes off easily with your favorite gentle cleanser or micellar water!

Now, let's learn how to apply LUXE BROW LIFT for when you want subtle control/lift, or you're looking to recreate the mega lift you get when I apply it in my shop, and lastly if you are obsessed with that full-on, freshly laminated look. If you'd like to see my application in action, head over to Instagram and check out my highlights on HOW TO and LUXE BROW LIFT.

For SUBTLE LIFT, it can replace your current brow gel and be applied softly and gently in the same direction that you apply your clear brow gel. You will still have the hold once it dries that lasts all day.

For MEGA LIFT, you'll use the same small amount but you'll apply with more pressure, sculpting the hairs in your desired direction for that sculpted lamination look that I'm known for. This technique will require some patience and may even involve some light trimming when you finish the sculpting to insure the final product looks neat and even.

For FRESHLY LAMINATED LIFT, you'll apply it the same as the MEGA LIFT way except you may need a little more product and once you're finished sculpting each hair in the perfect direction, you will run your finger over with light to medium pressure to press the still pliable product directly on your skin. The goal is to get enough product on the hair and in direct contact with your skin and let it dry completely in that way. This works best when you're not trying to add brow makeup before or after because if you have to it will almost always take off what you've put on or you will break the bond of the LUXE BROW LIFT and it won't hold as well.

Take a look at some of the transformations I completed using LUXE BROW LIFT. It was really important to me that it was truly a universal product that could help every brow, coarse, flat, sparse, downward growing, thick... everyone so I didn't stop testing until I found the formula that did all of that for everyone!

LUXE BROW LIFT will be available to purchase in-store, online and for wholesale at 10 am on October 1st. $27 includes about 5 months of daily use, 5 disposable spoolies, and FREE SHIPPING! When you purchase 2 or more products from our online shop, you will also get an unboxing experience that will blow your mind *wink wink* so buy a LBL for a friend, try out one of my famous Kara's Kloths that will forever change the way you remove your makeup or if you are lucky, you might snag the newest earring collaboration we did with Austin's own Lutum Craft with a brand new shape to tickle your fancy, the earrings are a really limited run so if you want them, put them in the cart first because once they are gone, they are gone and last year they sold out in a day.

We also have new tee and sweatshirt designs for Halloween and brow lovers alike launching the same day however those do ship separately so they don't count for the second product unboxing experience but they do what? SHIP FOR FREE of course!

On launch day (10/1) in addition to the LUXE BROW LIFT we will also be debuting our limited edition earring collaboration with Lutum Craft and revealing our newest partner, our beloved Grande Lash, Grande Brow, and Grande Brow Fill so use this link to view our entire shop on launch day 10/1 and remember for the ultimate unboxing experience, add two of any of these products!

I can't wait for you to try LUXE BROW LIFT and if you have any questions now or once you receive it, please dm me on Instagram or email the shop

xoxo - Kara

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