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Sephora Shopping Event

I don't know about you but I needed to revisit a time where I was surrounded by so many lovely friends in my community because I know we are all #alonetogether but going on our 4th week of quarantine, I'm kinda feeling just alone and I know you might be too.

Last year I was honored when Sephora Barton Creek reached out about partnering with me. I was able to invite 35 of my clients and Instagram followers for a private shopping event! If you weren't able to be there, here's some of what you missed. Sephora arranged for my favorite 5 brands to be there giving extra care, services and so many gifts with purchase. The Cupcake Bar brought the most delicious little cupcakes. Sephora, Sunday Riley, Charlotte Tilbury, Anastasia and Laura Mercier all contributed AH-mazing giveaways so we were able to make 3 huge gift baskets to raffle along with 15 Sephora gift cards.

I can't even tell you what a special experience this was and if you were there, I hope I hugged you on your way in and if you missed it make sure to be subscribed to my newsletter so you don't miss the next one!

Know that I miss you, know that I can't wait to see you again and know that I'm thinking about you everyday! Be well, be safe and come say hi on Instagram!

xoxo - Kara

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Elle D
Elle D
30 Ιουλ 2022

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