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Tools I Need (and you might too)

October 10, 2014

I'm always trying new products and beauty tools and some are major fails and others withstand the test of time.  Here's a few that I'm loving right now.

My NuMe 3 in 1 Wand took only one use to become a favorite of mine and it also has two additional barrels you can use to create smaller curls or waves.  I posted about it on Instagram when it arrived and the only suggestion I have is that I wish it came with a heat resistant carrying case or bag but other than that, I love everything about it.  The length of the rod is great for my long hair, the temperature is not the industry standard extreme of 400 so I know that my hair will stay healthy using the setting of 180.

Now awhile back I posted about my Mason Pearson purchase and I said it was nice but not worth the hype or the price... It has definitely grown on me and it's now the only brush I reach for when my hair is wet or dry, or when I need a little teasing.  The letters on the logo are already wearing off but I do feel like this brush helps maintain the integrity of my hair.

The BEST foundation brush on the market in my opinion is still the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.  I've had mine for over a year now and use it daily.  It buffs my foundation (no matter the formula) in for an uber natural look, it cleans in seconds with a little Dawn dish soap in warm water and dries relatively quickly so I can wash it frequently without worrying it will be wet the next time I need it.

Anastasia Tweezers and Scissors are truly the best in the business.  The tweezers are hand made in a little shop in Italy which means the quality are impeccable and they will never need sharpened or replaced.  The scissors are so sharp they could seriously injure someone but the tip on them allow you to get every last stray hair.



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