TOP 10 Under $10

January 7, 2015

What's most interesting to me in the range of bargain products is the quality that is available to us now.  I definitely use a mix of high and low products these days and the ones listed below are definitely favorites of mine.  Also in January it's a great time to save your pennies and these will not break your pocket book and all give you great quality for under $10.

Shisiedo Cotton Pads $9.50

I use these with Bioderma to remove my eye makeup every night without leaving any cotton fibers to irritate my eyes.

Seche Vité Top Coat $4.99

Anyone who knows me know I've religiously used this for nearly a decade... when it's that perfect, it deserves my loyalty.

Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques $8

Seriously the best foundation brush ever created!  End of story, buy it and buff your way into perfection.

Alway One Coat Multi Benefit Mascara $9

This is more of a recent discovery that jumped into my basket as I was strolling through the beauty aisle of Walgreens and I have to say, I've used it every day for over a month and plan to repurchase it! My lashes look full and separated, plus it has conditioning benefits, builds easily for more drama when I want it

and washes off easily with my cleansing balm.  #winner

NYX lip gloss $4.99