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So you're getting your brows tattooed for the first time but you don't know what to look for in your appointment to get the best result. Today I'm sharing why your predraw is such a vital part of getting brows you love:

  1. Most microbladers are taught to draw a box around the brow in the shape they plan to tattoo/microblade but as a client, how are you supposed to know what is going to happen inside the box? How will the strokes lay with your natural hair? What your artist's plan is for your dream brows? You won't! You might be impressed with all the fancy lines and 'measurements' all across your forehead, (I love watching those videos too) but that doesn't help you envision the end result does it?

  2. When you're shown every single stroke (like you see here on the left brow) there's nothing left to chance. Your artist can expect you to imagine their new brow with a big thick black box but rather seeing a life-like rendering makes it way easier to visualize how the end result.

  3. Think about it this way, if your artist is newer to tattoo or not the neatest microblader (no judgment), what is he/she going to do to give you the most realistic looking brow? Guess? No way... when it's a tattoo on your face, nothing should be left to chance.

Creating a stroke by stroke pre-draw is really the only way! Like I always say, "if your artist can't create a beautiful brow in pencil, what makes you think they will be able to do it with a blade?"

So how are you going to make sure that the artist you're looking at predraws like we've been talking about? Easy, when you call to make your appointment, before you book, ASK! You can also take a look at their Instagram or facebook account because if they do it this way, they are probably proud of that and want to show it off. If you can't find out that way, then in your consultation, let your artist know that you would feel more comfortable seeing both brows drawn out, stroke by stroke before they start. And if all else fails and they can't show you that, RUN! You'll thank me later. Microblading removal is painful, expensive and a long process so it's better to get these details right before it's permanent and can't be undone.

If you have ANY questions at all, even if you don't choose me as your artist, I am always happy to help so reach out to me in my dms... I answer every single one myself. I love microblading and I know the life-changing ability of permanent makeup and above all else, I want you to end up with brows that you love.

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