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You'll never wash your face without it again! Japonese innovation ensures every trace of makeup and stubborn SPF is removed leaving your skin soft without harsh rubbing or chemicals. 


Kara's Cloth is perfect for everyday, travel and guest bathrooms so you never have stained towels again. This cloth has unmatched durability & longevity without any special washing instructions! Each cloth will remain perfect and stain free for at least 150 washes or 450 days. Each cloth = 3700 makeup wipes too so you're doing what's best for your skin and the planet without sacrificing efficacy. 

Kara's Cloth

  • Apply your favorite cleanser with fingertips in circular motions. Wet the Cloth with warm water and gently remove makeup & SPF. It can also be used with  just water, rinse and repeat to make sure you're squeaky clean.

  • In 1-2 years, after your cloth has reached its peak performance, keep it to use as your face mask remover, protecting your other towels from stains. You can also use it to gently dry your fine jewelry too!

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