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Sunburnt? Here's your remedy

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

July 6, 2014

You will read many articles with DIY remedies for easing the sting of a day spent accidentally unprotected but they usually consist of drenching yourself in staining tea bags or spending the afternoon trying to get enough aloe from your house succulent to smooth over your crispy parts but I’m not much of a messy naturopath when it comes to creative fixes for the common problem.  My friend recently went a little overboard on her sun exposure over the 4th of July and I found a wonderful combination that will turned her unfortunate shade of lobster to a golden glow without the dreaded splotchy peeling phase. 2-3 times a day douse all affected areas in Laura Mercier Perfecting Water.  After it has absorbed, add a thin layer of Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion $9.  It's not nearly as sticky as the widely used aloe gel and it seems to stay hydrating for an entire day containing shea butter, silk protein and aloe.  It also helps a great deal to drink as much water as you possibly can to hydrate from within and you might want to take the recommended dose of an anti-inflammatory like  Motrin before you head out to the pool or beach then again when you seek shelter later.  Before returning to work you can also apply a thin layer of St. Tropez Boosting Lotion to help even out your awful tan lines and enhance the natural color you developed (this step is optional).

Not that I want to be preachy but remember, it only takes 5 sunburns in a lifetime to double your chances of developing skin cancer so if you are like me you will over protect your skin with quality broad spectrum sun screens (like Supergoop SPF50) and get your Brazillian bronze on with periodic coats of St. Tropez Tanning Mousse.  I guarantee you will have a more perfect tan then those baking in the sun and as a result you will look loads younger :)

Ok, getting off my soap box now... good luck!

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