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FIGHT COLD SEASON: Ponaris Nasal Emollient

I've been using Ponaris Nasal Emollient for years now and since we are all in a mild panic over the Corona Virus outbreak, I thought now would be the perfect time to share a little tip with you that I use when I fly, when I'll be around large groups of people or when my allergies are effecting me.

Did you know that a dry nasal cavity can make you more susceptible to infection? I've had a compromised immune system for years and since I used to travel five days a week, I was also sick after almost every trip so I was always in search of a remedy, tool or product that would help prevent that from happening. Along with a few supplements, hand sanitizer that I can't live without and a silver lined neck wrap, Ponaris has been a life saver. This is what the web says about it:

One ounce bottle with dropper. It's not a secret! Was included in NASA's medical space kit! For Relief of: Nasal congestion due to colds. Nasal irritations. Atrophic rhinitis (dry, inflamed nasal passages). Allergy manifestations (rose and hay fever). Nasal mucosal encrustations. Exclusive Prescribable Therapy: Colds (sinusitis). Rhinitis (acute, chronic, allergic). Postnasal drip. Epistaxis (due to irritations of dried mucous membranes). Rebound sinus reaction from drugs and smog.

On one website alone it gets 5 star out of 53 reviews. It's pricy but it will also last you over a year of regular use because it requires so little product to get the job done. If you travel a lot or can't get out of large group commitments when your chances are higher of catching something, I recommend you give this a shot! I think you'll be surprised how much it helps!

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