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Updated: Jun 20, 2019

January 29, 2017

There's a little lip brand called BITE BEAUTY created by Suzanne Langmuir that we are going to shed some light on in the blog today. Her factory is in Canada and the line is sold in Sephora and a SoHo Lip Lab but I know in my circle, not too many girls are talking about it so I felt it was time to start the conversation. When I started using BITE products a few years ago I was excited about the concept but disappointed in the range of products offered and the shades available however, my local Sephora held a Lip Lab where you could create your very own lipstick and yes, I went and yes, ended up buying four and so my interest was peaked.  I got to select the color, the texture and even the scent, then to top it off I got to watch the lipstick get made right in front of me!

It seems these days more and more people are staying away from bad chemicals found in cleaning products, our diets and our environment for that matter yet we will through on a Chapstick or MAC lip gloss in a heartbeat without even knowing if its good for you. Now you might not personally care if what you put on your lips is free of petroleum, polybutenes, or wait for it... if it's gluten free but... if you can purchase a product that is made from deliciously edible food-grade ingredients rather than its competitor with a list of chemicals so long it wraps around the box, why not choose whats beautiful AND good for you too?



Bite products heal and soften lips with a blend of lanolin, vanilla extract, natural olive fruit, and jojoba oil. There's an infusion of resveratrol (the powerful antioxidant found in wine) which improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and banishes dryness.  Did you know that all BITE products are named after types of wine (hello, resveratrol is in everything) and delicious desserts? 


Strawberry Lush Fruit Lip Gloss

Lavender, Corvina, Amarone & Quince High Pigment Pencil

Watermelon Lush Lip Tint

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