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Night Stand Essentials

September 15, 2014

Even though I love a product as much as the next beauty guru I'm really bad about doing multiple steps at night.  My cleansing routine is long enough I feel but I do recognize that you have to pamper more than your face so this is the little system I keep at my bedside to help encourage me to take care of the rest of me.

Diptyque Lavender Candle: I have this on my night stand and use it, but I actually would not repurchase this candle because once I blow it out, the smell of the wick is so intense it spoils the beautiful aroma that just took a few hours to create.  I prefer candles that have a lid so I can close the smoke inside the container.

Soap & Glory Hand Food: I love body lotions but I hate when my hands feel sticky or greasy so I typically never apply hand lotion.  I learned about this one through one of my favorite YouTubers, Tanya Burr and now I love it! It hydrates while somehow absorbing so quickly that it leaves no greasy residue behind.

Josie Maran Light Oil: I originally purchased this for my face but can't seem to embrace it for that use so now I use it on my cuticles at night.

Bite Agave Lip Mask: This product was forced upon me by my favorite sales girl at Sephora and I was resistant at first however because this is so thick it seems to last til morning which I love!

If you have any suggestions for lavender or sleep related candle scents I would love to hear!



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