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#TeamMaverick Tee - 100% of the profits donated

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

If you've been with me for any length of time on social media or as a client you know I have a wonderful husband but my 15 year old adopted Pomeranian is without a doubt my soulmate. I adopted him without knowing what kind of dog he was, sight unseen from Michigan while I was living in Orlando. That was 14 years ago and I'd like to share a little of his story with you and why we created this #TeamMaverick tee sponsering other puppies like Maverick who are fighting to survive.

Maverick was viciously attacked at South Paws Playschool here in Austin when he was 8 years old. Because of that careless attack, Maverick underwent two back surgeries and a few months after, when he became completely paralyzed due to the damaging effects of the attack needing an emergency spinal cord surgery. We weren't sure if he would make it through due to him being so small (5 pounds) but he made it but as a result he developed frequent seizures then due to the prolonged prednisone cycles he also was diagnosed with cancer. The first time the cancer showed up it was in his groin and was successfully removed but two years ago we weren't so lucky and the cancer came back, this time in an inoperable spot in his front paw and his lymph-node. We are just crossing $22,000 in his care since the attack and I thought to myself, what if we could raise money to help another pet battling cancer that maybe their pet parents can't pay for!?! So we created the #TeamMaverick tee where 100% of the profits of the sale of this shirt will go to sponsering a nuggo battling cancer.

Here's how I style my #TeamMaverick shirt:

Give it a cute tuck and roll the sleeves to make it more flattering for your shape and I even cut a little off the bottom so it would hit me right above the hips. Then I pair it with my favorite boyfriend jeans from Target, my all time favorite Golden Goose sneakers and because there's really never enough leopard? Exactly, so I pop on my favorite LeLe Sadoughi headband and it a mood.

Take a look at our shop to see the other 6 shirts we designed and created for this collection.

xoxo - Kara

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