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Meet Your New Brow Bestie

Do you have unruly brows that refuse to be tamed with brow gel? Are your brows downward growing? Do you struggle to achieve that popular lifted look? Wish your laminations lasted longer? OK friends, I have created a solution for you…. Drumroll please… let me introduce you to LUXE BROW LIFT.

There is a slight learning curve with the application but once you get it, well...IYKYK. You can find some tips and tricks on my Instagram highlights, as well as my favorite application methods, from a subtle lift with maximum hold to an extreme laminated look.

LUXE BROW LIFT comes ready to use, equipped with 5 spoolies. I always use a fresh side of the spooly for every application. I'll flip the bend to a clean side before each use, and after about 6 applications I toss it and grab a new spooly!

Keep reading for tips and methods from some of the amazing artists that are loving LUXE BROW LIFT already.

Jen, Celebrity Brow Stylist (@jenofalltrades on Instagram) likes to place some LBL on the cap so she can evenly distribute the product onto a spooly. She then applies it one brow at a time, and combs the product through her hair before it dries with a brow grooming comb.

One of my VIP clients has a totally different approach. She begins by combing LBL through both brows. Then, she uses her finger to press the hair flat against her skin, creating an ultra laminated look.

You can use any of these techniques, so long as you work quickly before LBL dries. Once it dries, continued manipulation can cause flakiness. With any of these techniques, a less-is-more approach is best. You don't need as much product as you might think! Lastly, remember that LBL does not play well with foundation! Make sure you don’t have any foundation or powder in your brows before you start applying product. You can always take a damp q-tip and run it though both brows to remove any lingering residue. If you apply the product over foundation or powder, you'll notice a cloudy result on your brows.

When storing, make sure that you keep the lid tightly closed! This will ensure you'll get every last drop out of your container! If it’s left open too long or not tightly closed, it is at risk for hardening completely.

If you were underwhelmed with the Brow Freeze by Anastasia Beverly Hills, LUXE BROW LIFT is for you! It outperforms Brow Freeze in every category. Worried about the Texas heat? Don't sweat it! LUXE BROW LIFT has been formulated and tested to withstand even the hottest summer days. With more product for your dollar, FREE shipping, and 5 spoolies ready for application, what are you waiting for! Get yours here!

Want to read more on LUXE BROW LIFT? Click here.

Head over to my Instagram @KaraSanchezBeauty for more LBL love in my highlights, as well as daily behind-the-scenes, tips, brow transformations, and more! And while you're there, don't forget to follow!

Do you have a best brow friend? You can snag a LUXE BROW LIFT Bundle and share the brow love!

Love your results? Snap a selfie of your LBL brows and tag me @KaraSanchezBeauty.

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