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Let's Talk About Bold Brows

There's a huge trend in big fluffy bold brows and trust me, I lust after them as much as you do BUT, bold brows aren't achievable for everyone. If you (or your client) has plenty of hair, even if it's very sparse, you can create a lot of fluff making them appear more dense but if they are petite, thin brows, going super bold will look cool in an Instagram photo when the ink is fresh and the strokes are open but once the skin heals over the tattoo, it will be really obvious what is fake and what isn't.

Here my client has big but sparse brows and by using my signature technique of combining strokes with subtle digital shading, we were able to give her density and a little more fullness helping her achieve a more symmetrical look.

For this look, I used Tina Davies pigment in Dark Brown with a 13 Nano Mei-cha blade and 3 Micro Amiea cartridge on a Linelle Supreme digital device, setting 120. For the shading, I added 2 drops of Tina Davies Dilution Solution. You can receive 10% off your orders at when you use my code: KaraS10

If you have any questions about my techniques, I offer in person training classes every other month! You can find out more information about that here or email

If you are a client and have questions about getting your brows done with any of our services including SHAPING | LAMINATION | HENNA | TINT | MICROBLADING | NANO BROWS please give us a call Mon-Fri 737.802.3199 or pop over to my Instagram to send me a DM.

xoxo - Kara

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