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Say 'GOODBYE' To 90s Brows For Good!

Ok, we all make mistakes, and having a trendy brow in the 90s was where it was at. The problem is when you over tweeze a specific area, all that section may never grow back or it may grow back super sparse as shown here. Did you know that every time you pull a hair (tweezing, threading, or wax) it is traumatic to that follicle. This means for some with finer, weaker follicles, pulling one time will make sure that hair never grows back! Now, if you do this for 5 years or even a decade, you are causing permanent damage and changing the shape of your brows for life.

In this instance, my client was way too young to be a victim of the 90s so I was confused about how she could have gotten this shape. Turns out she had an aunt in beauty school who later became a stylist and from an incredibly young age, she began waxing my client and her sister, causing permanent symmetry issues and solidifying a very unflattering shape by today's brow standards.

One thing to keep in mind as an artist, if you are going to take on this kind of work, you and your clients must know that in order to get coverage on completely bare spots, especially when you are working with very dark natural hair, you will have to go quite solid to blend the transition between tattoo and hair AND in this case, your client may still need to finish off with a brow pencil once she's healed to get perfect results. Always under promise and over deliver because if you aren't transparent with your client about their particular brow challenges when they are healed and see a difference between your tattoo and their hair, they will most certainly be disappointed. Then if your client is willing to keep up with the shaping and fill them in to achieve a more perfect look - GO FOR IT! But still, be conservative on your first appointment since you can always add more but you can't take away.

"Dated" or "90's Brows" aren't always super skinny and rounded, sometimes they are big and boxy in front with a skinny tail (below) and to make them updated you need to lessen the size of the front so you can build up the arch and the tail, making it a smoother transition while minimizing the amount of tattoo, keeping them as natural as possible.

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If you have any questions about my techniques, I offer in-person training classes every other month! You can find out more information about that here or email

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xoxo - Kara

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