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The ONE Product You Don't Need...

If you guys follow me on Instagram you know I only talk about products I love so that you can love them too but this one, I have to say, I always struggle with mentioning but have bought this Caudalie Elixir over and over again for years so, here goes! Judge if you will but you'll thank me later, promise!

So why do I think you'll judge me? Well because it comes with a $49 price tag and other than being an essential in my morning routine, I couldn't prove that it does anything vital for me BUT I can tell you that the fine, cooling mist and uplifting scent takes this night owl, and for a few seconds, makes me feel like I'm a converted morning person.

Here's what the website claims... "100% natural-origin ingredients, pink roses, orange blossom, grapes, rosemary and mint, reveals your complexion radiance, visibly smooths and tightens pores." And some of the reasons I keep reaching for it time and time again, besides giving me that little boost first thing are, I feel since I no longer traditionally wash my face in the morning, this helps me to start out on a clean slate for my morning skincare, the fine mist is refreshing in our raging Austin heat and it gives me just the right amount of hydration so my skin doesn't feel tight in all the wrong ways. You can also use it as a setting spray OR a rehydrating spray thought the day.

Do this, pick up a travel size bottle next time you are at Sephora and let me know if you spray it everyday for a week if you feel like it makes a difference in your attitude about mornings! And for you morning people who just wake up peppy... I applaud you although I will never join you! Let me know what you think of it over on Instagram - I wanna hear if you love it too or if you think it is a total waste of $50! xoxo - Kara

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