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Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Raise your hand if you are a Lash Extension drop out! I am! I tried them when I first moved to Texas about 7 years ago. I remember when I laid down for my first set, my lash stylist told me I would be able to come in for a fill every 3-4 weeks well after keeping them up for 6 months I can tell you I NEVER made it 3 weeks before they looked busted. I will say they looked so pretty for the first few days after my appointment but that, for me, didn't outweigh how horrible they looked for the next 10 days. Disclaimer: I do have a few girlfriends that swear by lash extensions and they didn't have the same experience I did. This is just my opinion.

When I decided I was giving them up I went in to have them safely removed and I was horrified at what they had done to my natural lashes. I'm not kidding, my eyes felt bald. My natural lashes were broken, patchy and short. After I dried my tears I started to look into lash serums and settled on Latisse. About 2 years later it had become more difficult for me to get so I switched to Rodan+Feilds Lash Boost which I had INCREDIBLE results from but I got tired of being harassed to join and sell R+F every time I wanted to repurchase so I switched to Revitalash but because I was skeptical, I only committed to the small container for $58, and honestly I've never looked back!

I saw dramatic results in 5 weeks with my lashes and in my brows there was a huge difference in only 4 weeks! I can buy it super easily, without hassle on here.

I love it so much, we hope to carry RevitaLash & RevitaBrow in our shop this year but in the meantime you can purchase it at the best price from a reputable source by using the links above! If you try it, please pop onto @KaraSanchezBeauty to tell me what you think!

xoxo - Kara

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