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Beauty Glam Studio Spotlight

I had the pleasure to attend a national Amiea partnership training with Marie in Chicago a few years ago. During that week she really stood out to me because of her intensity for her craft and spunky nature. Midway through the week long training my wallet got stolen by another classmate and it was a disaster. I was at dinner with Marie and Taylor, having just met them both and completely humiliated that I couldn't pay for my dinner, not to mention I had no idea how I was going to get back to Texas without an id or make it the rest of the week without cash or a debit card. Taylor stepped up and paid for my dinner and Marie kept me calm as I figured out what to do next. Since then we have kept in touch over Instagram and I've gotten to witness Marie flourish. She leads a team of talented artists at her Beauty Glam Studio in Boca Raton, Florida, she won Amiea Talents, an intense PMU competition up against some pretty incredible artists and she has become a leader in PMU partnering with Amiea as an ambassador to elevate our industry in the US.

If there is one thing Marie does better than most artists I've met, is precision in her device work whether it be lips or brows, you can count on her to have your back when it comes to design and safety. If you're in Florida and looking for an artist, I couldn't recommend Marie more so check her out on Instagram and thank me later!




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