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Hoi Kwan of Hoi Tattoo

Wow, I have a lot to say about this lady... where should I begin, I know, at the start! I found Hoi on Instagram just before I started my microblading career. I recall seeing her work and thinking 'wow, I want to be able to do that one day!' At the time Hoi wasn't training yet so I set off to LA for my first microblading course. After opening my shop in Austin, TX I would check in, almost daily, to compare my work to hers and I would usually leave her Instagram feeling more inspired and focused than before because to me, Hoi was (and still is) the gold standard in PMU.

A few years later Hoi began offering device training and I wanted to train with her soooo bad but because she only accepted two students at a time, the courses would sell out faster than I could even complete the registration form. A few months after that I was invited to a PMU training hosted by Amiea, the digital device we both use and I was debating if I could take the week away from my studio to attend - I never told Hoi what I'm about to share with you but the coordinator of that training knew how badly I wanted to work with Hoi and she told me she would be there and I would get to train along side of her. That day I booked my ticket to Chicago and moved all of my appointments so I could go but guess what? That coordinator knew Hoi had pulled out of the training but knew that was my main motivation for going so you can only imagine how disappointed I was to NOT get to work with my PMU idol. As soon as I got home I began basically harassing Hoi and her husband Lance about training dates because I knew if I was going to be the best I had to learn from the best!

Finally, there was a spot open and I jumped on it faster than you can blink. I was off to train with Hoi and learn her magical ways with a superb tattoo device, the Amiea Linelle Supreme. There's something else I never shared with Hoi and can't believe I'm sharing with you but I always share the wins and loses so here goes... I got to Calgary on cloud 9 about the opportunity I was about to have but within the first few hours of my 3 day training I felt envious of my training partner because of all the extra attention he was getting from Hoi. I called my husband crying that night because I felt like I didn't matter because of my tiny Instagram following of only 3,000 and it was clear that my training partner, although at my level as far as skill, way outshined me with close to 50,000 followers. Simon told me, "remember Kara, you didn't go there to become besties, you went there to learn. Focus on that and don't worry about the politics". The next day I went in with a clear head, a shifted mindset and ready to conquer Nano Brows and with Hoi's unmatched direction I did! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little hurt like a school girl on the playground who got picked last but I knew if I could impress her with my ability, she might give me her blessing and she did! She not only pushed to succeed (making me work on pigskin when I haven't eaten pork in more than 30 years), she praised my work and to top it off, she agreed to give me her signature brows - ON MY FACE! #dreamsreallydocometrue so I went home with more than what I bargained for... I thrived through the intense training, I had new beautiful nano brows of my dreams, I got certified by my idol and I made a lifelong bond with my classmate too.

After tattooing more than 3,000 brows, Hoi is taking a step back from seeing clients and is focusing primarily on her training and let me tell you with certainty, the PMU world will be better for it. Hoi is absolutely incredible at her craft! She is one of the most passionate, innovative and dedicated artists I've ever met. She is recognized worldwide for her excellence in nano brows, she has pioneered the epic predraw and I think she could even tattoo with her eyes closed, that's how good she is. She has influenced and inspired me throughout my career and I owe a lot of what I do to her and her incredible training ability. It might sound funny but I'm super proud of what she has accomplished in her time as a PMU artist and I value her commitment to the permanent makeup world so I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to train with her and if you are serious about your career as a nano artist, I can't recommend her training enough if you want to become a luxury brow artist.

From The Artist:

Hoi’s Signature Brow Design and unique style of Nano brows has built a cult following amongst clients and fellow artists. With over ten years of experience in beauty, Hoi has mastered the seamless transition between the predraw and the tattooed results. An open mind and never ending curiosity have driven Hoi to constantly improve her results and evolve the luxury experience. Inspired by her personal evolution Hoi sought to curate the same intimate setting and curiosity into her private training courses. Hoi Tattoo Education opened its doors in 2017 and has since provided the highest quality of semi-private and private Nano training to artists.

Hoi has an incredible team which includes her husband Lance who is the resident scalp micropigmentation artist at Hoi Tattoo. Her studio offers brow laminations, henna brows, lash enhancements, microblading and of course, her signature Nano Brows. Brows with Hoi start at $900 (+ a touch-up appointment within 3 months for $300) and she will work on previously tattooed brows with prior approval and an additional fee. Hoi's perfect little studio and is located in Calgary, Canada and whether you're going for brows or training, there is a great hotel that's walkable from the shop and don't forget the incredible Banff is located just 1.5 hours from there too so you can make a little getaway out of your trip!

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