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Leslie Ritchie of Brow Boss

Leslie is the owner and lead educator at Brow Boss in La Jolla, California. I was introduced to her through a Hyve Beauty event hosted during the forced COVID-19 closure as a way to connect PMU artists and build community through a difficult time we were all experiencing. I was asked to speak on a panel of artists through an IG Live and after I got to hear Leslie speak too. I hadn't heard of her because I have a bad habit of keeping my head down and staying in my lane but within the first few minutes I could see her gentle nature and feel her genuineness so I immediately wanted to know more. After the IG Live I reached out to her to tell her how much I enjoyed listening to her journey and feeling a similar passion for brows as I have.

Over the next few months we connected several times through social media and I learned that she put everything she had into opening her beautiful studio and growing an incredible team and now positioning herself as a bi-lingual microblading trainer. If you follow her on IG you will see she is always sharing information, serving realness through ups and downs and inviting you into her world in the most relatable way. She is a proud Latina, a mom, a wife and is setting the standard for boss brows in her area.

Although we haven't met in person I find myself rooting for her on the regular because she embodies what is good about this industry. She offers quality in everything she does from the design of her studio, to the online and in person courses she teaches and the daily tips and tricks she so willingly shares on social media.


Leslie Ritchie is a bossbabe in microblading and shading! She specializes in giving her clients hyper realistic brows with her microblading technique and personalized shaping, enhancing their natural beauty! She is able to do this all from her Instagram-able studio where she also teaches her students about microblading and microshading techniques. Phi Trained & Certified.

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