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Perfect Frame: The Master of the Guy Brow

I met Jonathan at a private training with Hoi Kwan at her studio in Calgary, Canada a few years ago. We were learning an entirely new technique of PMU and scared shitless! We practiced all day then scurried back to our hotel to quickly eat and practice some more. Jonathan is a buzz of energy and fun and to someone like me who can be way too serious, being around him was just the thing I needed to remember to have fun with the new skill we were learning.

During that week with Jonathan I learned that he was operating in a one room shop in Los Angeles and was already building his team and had been featured on Buzzfeed so he was quickly becoming known as The Master of the Guy Brow. This year he and his partner Damitri opened their new location which allowed him to expand his team and become even more well known in the LA microblading seen. They rebranded, created a unique space that reflects their style perfectly, complete with a signature scent and a Frida bathroom. If you wanted to see brilliant marketing, branding and stunning photos, check out his personal IG with a not too shabby following of 57,000 and for sure the shop's account with nearly 28,000 followers and growing everyday. Johnathan has tattooed famous faces from Janet Jackson to Lily Ghalichi to Sir Jon and even the 90's rapper with the paws on her chest, you know who I'm talking about!

A little birdie told me (and the rest of the world) that Jonathan will soon be teaching his Guy Brow magic so here's a little sneak peek. With his larger than life persona and the kindest heart, Jonathan is making a name for himself in the microblading community and inspiring guy brows everywhere. I was fortunate to connect with him at that training and since as of this post, California still has tattoo and personal service shops closed due to COVID, I'm praying that Perfect Frame comes out of this crisis bigger and better than every before and knowing this power couple, THEY WILL!

Microblading with Jonathan $800 touch up $150 must be completed 6 months after initial

Currently, not booking because of COVID closure in California but they have a waitlist available

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