A Sneak Peek at Healing - Combo Brows For Maddi

Updated: Jun 18

Maddi does an ah-mazing job at keeping the shop running so who deserves brows more than her right? I was honored to get to tattoo her brows and we documented the entire process (on video for our upcoming training course and in photos to share with you now).


SKIN TYPE: Youthful (22 y/o) and Dry

METHOD: Combo Brows (digital PMU pixelated shading + Microblading strokes)

PIGMENT: Tina Davies Blonde and Ash Brown 1/2 & 1/2 with dilution

TOOLS: Mei-cha Midas 13 for strokes and for shading Ameia Linelle Supreme 4 Flat Speed 100

GOAL: Extremely natural but full

COST: $850

LASTS: 1-2 years

Most days Maddi doesn't wear much makeup, her signature is always her brows and mascara with a little concealer so we wanted to keep her microblading so natural that even her Mom wouldn't notice (and she didn't for more than a year until Maddi spilled the beans). Also, and this is just my opinion so please don't get your panties in a bunch, I see so many really young girls with massively huge, dark, "Instagram" brows tattooed and I wonder if they are going to still want that in 5-10 years?!?! Keeping them soft and natural allows you to wake up looking flawless, workout without your brows running off but still be able to quickly bump them up for a night out.

The photo below shows them after her Yearly Color Boost (left) and (right) healed 15 months.

We also thought it would be fun to show you day by day the healing process since it can be quite a roller coaster for those going though it for the first time.

DAY 1: They are usually quite bold and orange (this is due to additives that are in the ink to ensure it doesn't turn grey in the skin and usually lasts for the first few days but DOES NOT heal like that).

DAY 5: They have been mashed down with ointment for several days so it will press the hair in odd directions and you'll likely panic thinking there are patches missing... STAY CALM, this happens to everyone but they are still healing and on the bright side they are usually passed the orange phase by now so there's something!

DAY 10: They are superficially healed now but the total healing phase is about 45 days so you still have to be gentle with them but the color is pretty close to how it will stay. They'll still look best when you keep the hair's brushed up and of course keep them tweezed. Sometimes by the 14th day they even look a little stronger because the deeper pigment has risen to the surface and is more visible so that's an exciting reward to your week of ointment!

Curious what your microbladed brows would look like with a trendy brow lamination?

To book your brows with me, click here or call 737.802.3199 I offer shaping, lamination, tint, microblading, combo and nano brows with henna coming soon!


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