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Shaughnessy Studio Sashiko

Let me start by saying, I've never met Shaughnessy but I've been following her since I started microblading and I remember thinking "this chick is so cool" so one day I messaged her to tell her that a new client came in and said they were obsessed with her style of brows (QUEEN OF THE FLUFF) but couldn't go all the way to Canada to get their brows done by her so they came to me hoping that I could help them achieve the infamous Sashiko fluff. Do you know that with almost 60,000 followers she responded to me almost immediately?!? Over the years she has been so kind, so genuine and a all around girl boss to admire I wanted to give her a spotlight to thank her for being awesome(ly talented).

Microblading $900

Areola Restoration pricing by consultation

Shaughnessy and her hubby own Studio Sashiko in Langley, Canada and she has been featured on TODAY, Allure, Seventeen and Refinery 29 to name a few. She is a wizard at areola reconstruction and like I mentioned, known for her famous fluffy brows and this year she even co-opened pinkavo cafe.

If you're in need of brows or nipples, she's your girl! Go give her a follow and be inspired by her work and the talented team she leads.

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